Department Assessment

SUNY Buffalo State maintains current assessment information on general education and intellectual foundations as assessed on cycle.

In 2012, the department contributed to the overall Middle States assessment. In 2010, the department was also part of the NASAD accreditation and is now involved in the self-study for a 2017 visit. Assessment is further enforced through the dean’s office through the annual report. The department is also accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and is consistently involved in self-study and assessment.

In addition to the department and college assessment, the program of evaluation for the Department includes assessment of the student body, professional staff and faculty assessment. Advice from the Interior Design Advisory Board (IDAB), alumni members, and internship sponsors and employers are factored in the self-study.


An initial assessment of student potential for admission in the program
Periodic assessment to determine progress throughout the program
Further contact after graduation

All students enrolled in Interior Design follow an academic roadmap.


Curriculum Map (PDF)

CIDA Assessment Plan (PDF)

Graduating Student Profile

Interior Design

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